Nagy Péter: The way out

Ár: 3 500 Ft / darab darab

Nagy Péter: The way out

Nagy Péter Kiúton című könyvének - amely a kiadónál 2013-ban jelent meg - angol nyelvű kiadása. 

A life-changing guide for anyone going through hard times! 

Péter Nagy was born in Hungary in 1978. He studied Tourism Management and currently works as a travel guide. His hobbies include traveling and getting to know different cultures and people. He conducts successful motivational trainings for teenagers. “The Way Out” is his first book, a hit in his home country. He currently resides in the Hungarian town Szombathely. Readers may learn more about him and his work and correspond with him at www.facebook.com/peternagybooks. 
Ten locations. Ten young men at nighttime. Ten crossroads. The characters are all looking for a way out from hard situations, and they find the way out, because there is always a solution. These are the most important moments of life, when we face crossroads: after a break-up, in the times of a health crisis or a hard period at work; when we lose our dreams and have to create new ones, or when we feel like we are stuck and we need to find the meaning of life. 

– “A masterpiece of contemporary literature” (J. B., journalist) 

– “I use this book in my daily work with success” (G. A., life coach) 

– “It helped my son find his way” (D. Z., mother) 

– “It gave the students new goals” (E. V., teacher) 

– “It changed my life” (I. K., a reader) 


  • Szerző: Nagy Péter
  • Megjelenés éve: 2014
  • Formátum: A/5
  • Oldalszám: 246
  • Kötészet: Kartonált/paperback
  • Ár: 3500

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